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overseer n : a person who directs and manages an organization [syn: superintendent]

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oversee--er or over-seer


  1. One who oversees or supervises. A supervisor.


administrator – n.
foreman – n.
chief, head – n., head man
controller OR comptroller – n.
organizer – n.
superintendent – n.
supervisor – n.


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Rob Overseer (who publishes his music under just his last name) is an English DJ/producer, born in Leeds whose works have been included in soundtracks for Animatrix, Snatch, Any Given Sunday and The Girl Next Door, as well as video games like Need for Speed: Underground, NFL Gameday 2004, and Stuntman, among others. His songs are also frequently used in TV commercials such as Hairdo for Vodafone which featured his song Velocity Shift or the Endeavor commercial for Mitsubishi, which featured Horndog. Also, the MTV show Maui Fever features his single Horndog in the opening credits.


Wreckage was released in the US in 2003 to critical, if not popular, acclaim. The UK release of this album was plagued with many difficulties that led to a six month delay in its release, prompting Rob to move to new management at the end of 2005.


2006 was set to bring a new Overseer album according to this forum post by Rob. However the album was not released in 2006 and is now expected for 2007 instead. The album is as of yet untitled, but it is expected to contain Skylight, a track that featured on the Blade: Trinity soundtrack.
The current status of this album is spoken about here, the key phrase being "I'm afraid you won't be surprised to learn that things are gonna be held up for a little while"", which does not bode well given previous events (see above).
Rob also records with singer/songwriter Rachael Gray. They first worked together on the track "Sparks" which appeared on the Overseer album "Wreckage" on the Columbia label. Following the success of Sparks, work began on a full album project under the name Kanute. Also, retired UFC fighter Ken Shamrock used Rob's "Slayed" as his entrance theme on his last two fights. In addition, Mauricio "Shogun" Rua used this song as his enterance song for UFC 76.


Overseer's style is most frequently described as Big Beat or Chemical Breaks, although Never on Wreckage is distinctly Gangsta Rap in style. Overall, Wreckage is a showpiece album that exhibits a wide variety of styles and cannot be bracketed in one single genre.



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